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Transgenics/ES Cell Technology Mouse Core Facility


The Transgenic Mouse and Embryonic Stem Cell Facility provides investigators with genetically manipulated mice through transgenic technology or embryonic stem (ES) cell manipulation. The facility provides a comprehensive set of technical services, has a fully operational construction and gene targeting service, and offers an annual course in Mouse Handling and Breeding.


ES Cell Lines Available:



B6-tyrC-2J (B6 white), B6-tyrC-2J /KSR







Regulatory Compliance Notice: All Transgenic and ES Cell Technology Mouse project requests need to be accompanied by an Animal Use Protocol number (IACUC) and an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) protocol number. The protocols must specify the use/production of Transgenic/ES Cell mice and the specific construct in question; if not clearly specified, an amendment will need to be filled with the IACUC/IBC with approval needed prior to the start of work.